Local, Native and Low-Impact: The Hallmarks of Green Design

Green landscape design uses locally sourced, native plants and materials to reduce the cost and environmental impact of transporting materials. Green landscaping also reduces the cost and environmental impact of caring for the landscape and enhances the local environment. Green design landscapes are already adapted to your local environment, and they avoid introducing plants that may become invasive species within your local environment.

The Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

The locally-sourced, native plants used in environmentally friendly landscape design already are adapted to your local environment. These plants are more likely to thrive in your landscape than non-native plants. Because they already are adapted, it’s likely that they will need less care than non-native plants. They also are less likely to need nutrients added to the soil or to require frequent watering.

Not only will native plants thrive in your landscaping, but they also will attract native birds, insects, and animals to your yard. You can enjoy watching these visitors while your landscape plants provide them with food and shelter.

How Low-Impact Green Design Reduces the Costs of Landscaping to You and Your Local Environment

One hallmark of low-impact landscape design is the use of locally-sourced plants and materials. Local sourcing reduces the shipping costs of such things as landscape boulders that provide focal points for your landscaping.

Local sourcing also reduces the energy costs of transporting landscaping boulders, pavers, gravel, and pebbles. That reduction in energy costs reduces the environmental footprint of your landscaping.

Because these plants are adapted to your local environment, they also place less demand on resources such as the Las Vegas water supply. Using local plants can also reduce their environmental impact as well as your water bills.

In addition, when you use plants that are native to your environment rather than non-native plants, you eliminate any chance that you will introduce a non-native species to your local environment that may become an invasive species.

When you’re looking for landscape rocks or boulders, flagstones, or pavers Las Vegas for your green landscape design, professionals will help you choose the right materials for all of your hardscaping projects.