Learn about the ways in which turf can be a more environmentally friendly choice for your property when compared to trying to grow a lawn from grass seed.

The Top Three Ways That Turf Is Environmentally Friendly

When you desire a healthy, vibrant lawn, growing one from grass seed can be a challenge. Growing a lawn from scratch often necessitates the use of herbicides and pesticides to get rid of weeds and pests. When you arrange for a delivery of turf in Las Vegas, you can enjoy a great-looking and environmentally friendly lawn.

No Herbicides

Growing a lawn on bare soil often results in grass that is mixed up with plenty of weeds. Getting rid of the weeds and maintaining a uniform covering of grass will require the use of many herbicides. Instead of pouring herbicides onto your yard, having a healthy turf lawn means that you will not have to use chemicals because there will not be any weeds in it.

Soil Amendments and Water

The soil in Las Vegas does not support the most popular varieties of grass. If you wanted to grow a fescue or Kentucky bluegrass from seed, you would need to apply a lot of organic material to your property. These grasses also require synthetic fertilizers to stay healthy. Such varieties of grass also require a lot of water. Fertilizers, soil additions and water consume a lot of the earth’s resources. They are also expensive. With turf, the environmentally friendly grasses are specially selected to thrive in the Las Vegas environment and do not require any fertilizers or soil amendments to initiate their growth.


Scraggly lawns are a wide-open invitation for pests. Because turf is healthy and thick, you will not need to apply pesticides in order to get rid of an infestation of grubs, ants or other insects that can be damaging to a lawn. Pesticides can be harmful to humans and pets. Watering of the lawn and rains wash the pesticides into waterways. The natural healthiness of turf helps to promote an environmentally friendly property and regional environment.