shutterstock_347981504This article provides techniques on how to best edge your lawn so that your yard’s design elements aren’t overshadowed by unkempt grass.

How to Edge a Lawn Professionally

When a property has grass that’s professionally edged, flowers, boulders, and fences stand out. However, in order to make every boulder a focal point, specific steps must be followed while using different edging tools.

Tool Considerations

To edge your grass manually, you’ll need an efficient spade tool. The most popular options are a half-moon spade and a square spade. Before tackling a project with these tools, you must use a guide so that each edge will be straight. A string and sticks or a hose can help you accomplish this vital task.

If your lawn is fairly large, a motorized edger is a better option because it will help you save time. Many stores sell electric, motorized tools and gadgets that have a gas engine. Because many brands are available, you won’t have any issues selecting a unit that suits your needs and budget.

The Prep Techniques

The process of edging a lawn to make boulders in Las Vegas stand out requires a lot of hard work. To ensure safety throughout the edging process, always wear gloves, goggles, ear plugs, and proper shoes.

If you’re going to use string to prep the area, tie it around multiple sticks once they’re planted firmly into the ground. To prep areas around trees or plants, you must use a hose as a guide.

Trench Methods

When using your edging tool, always cut narrow trenches by paths and driveways and beveled trenches around flowers. If you’re going to use a motorized gadget to enhance the spots where boulders will be placed, begin by cutting a shallow trench. Gradually repeat this task until the trench is deep enough for the boulders. Once you’re done, you can put décor in the spots that you’ve successfully prepped without worrying about weeds.