Discover Five of the Best Desert-Friendly Herbs

Growing some of your own food is a fun and great way to be sustainable. Herbs are some of the most fun and friendly edibles you can grow at home. Some herbs even have medicinal value that are often used in healing and in preventing disorders. However. If you live in Las Vegas, it is especially critical to discover the best desert-friendly herbs before you start your gardening project.

Five Flavorful and Medicinal Herbs That Flourish in Las Vegas

1. Mint – Don’t let mint’s reputation as being an aggressive plant discourage you because you live in the region that helps keep mint “in check.” It is best to plant the herb in a container so that you can budget its gregarious nature because it does love moisture. Mint is fabulous in teas, mojitos, and yogurt-based dips. It has also been used in healing oils.

2. Sage – Sage is being included in this listing largely because it has developed a reputation as a digestive aid, and sage tea is often used to soothe coughs and colds. As far as culinary, most kitchen aficionados tout its value in cheese dishes, stuffing, soups, beans and in peas. There are three varieties: pineapple, purple, and golden. Give yours full sun and good drainage. Provide deep but infrequent water once established.

3. Rosemary – Enter the cooperative herb rosemary. It can tolerate cold winter temps but it also loves to soak up the sun. There is a ground covering variety and a shrub variety, so you can choose to ground-plant or use a container. You simply snip off the sprigs as they grow. Rosemary is fantastic in chicken dishes and convenient for enhancing simple potato dishes.

4. Oregano – Oregano’s strong, distinctive taste is ubiquitous in Italian and tomato dishes. In fact, there is also an Italian Oregano variety. Oregano loves full sun to be happy. It has been touted for assisting in indigestion, curbing coughs and alleviating headaches.

5. Parsley and/or Cilantro – Let’s not forget the aesthetics for your garden. Parsley and cilantro provide attractive, “fluffy,” greens. However, these herbs might require a bit more TLC and strategic planning, as they do demand a little reprieve from the heat by requesting an afternoon sun. They do best when re-planted annually. Both herbs are fantastic for dish decor, and cilantro is almost mandatory for many Mexican dishes. Parsley has been touted as a breath freshener.

Add Desert-Friendly Herbs to Your Landscape

These five specific herbs will add a hint of green to your landscape and make an attractive addition to your decorative rock in Las Vegas.