Ways to Highlight Features in Your Yard

One of the most important parts of creating a visually appealing yard is to use certain types of features for added detail throughout the space. From water fountains to decorative rock, there are many types of features that you may want to draw more attention to on the property. Here are a few ways to highlight the decorative elements and make them stand out.

Use Solar Panel Lights

Solar panel lights are increasing in popularity as an energy-efficient way of illuminating specific areas of the yard. The lights rely on the sunlight to illuminate and can allow certain features to be visible at night. You can adjust the lights to shine on the exterior of your home or on certain trees, which make them easy to customize. The lights can also line the pathway that leads up to the house or along the driveway to define specific areas of the front yard. Find lights that have a warm tone and aren’t too harsh to prevent them from washing out the feature that they’re showcasing.

Use Pavers

Creating borders around the features that you want to be highlighted will make the space look complete and professionally designed. You canbuy pavers in Las Vegas, which are affordable and are easy to install. The pavers can be used to line a flower bed or certain trees in the yard to make them look intentional with where they’ve been placed. The natural stone material will blend in well with the surroundings and will remain durable to ensure that they can withstand the elements in each season.

Use Plants

Specific features in the yard can also stand out with plants that are used to frame the item. The plants will not only create a lush setting but can frame the statue or pond to make it stand out and prevent it from blending in with the rest of the yard. Plants can also be swapped out seasonally depending on what will thrive.