Flagstone or River Rock: Which Is Best for the Job?

If you are looking for the types of pavers Las Vegas has to offer, you may be considering natural rock. Flagstone and river rock are two of the best choices, and they come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.


Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is usually flat. It can be cut in rectangle or square shapes or left in the shape it had when it was cut from the ground. Flagstone makes beautiful patios and pavers and has been used as flooring for centuries.

If your landscaping needs walkways, flagstone is a good option. You can put small pebbles between each stone or grow clover or moss between the stones. It is an elegant option for stepping stones, waterfalls and retaining walls.

River Rock

River rock brings the outdoors to your outdoors. That means it creates the ambiance of natural woodland. Most river rock is smooth as it has been washed by water for years. It comes in several colors and sizes. You can make a path with larger river rocks like cobblestones or use small rocks for a gravel-like path covering.

River rocks are very common for water features. They may surround a pond or be part of a waterfall. River rocks are also popular as border rocks. They may define a path or flowerbed.

As pavers, river rocks may make weeding more difficult because it’s hard to remove the roots without moving the rocks. This problem may be reduced if you put landscape fabric on the ground first and the rocks on top. Of course, it’s not a problem if the rocks are cemented in place.

A Unique Landscaped Garden

One of the best things about incorporating natural rock in your landscaping is the uniqueness. Each rock is different, and you can select the shapes, sizes and colors you want to make your perfect backyard.