Ideas for Using Natural Stone in the Design of Your Landscape

When it comes to landscaping you have many choices at your fingertips. Various materials can be used to bring context and texture to your lawn, including natural stone. With the right items, once your landscaping is complete, the maintenance you will have to perform on it will be minimal.

Types of Stones to Utilize

Different styles of rock convey different tones. You will have to decide which tone is right for your property. To convey a feeling of warmth your landscaping should include river rocks or even pebbles collected from a beach. If your property lies in the shade and you want to bring some light to it, use white marble chips. Your lawn will then look bright all year long.

Before choosing a design, think about whether you prefer a minimalist style or a more formal one. For a minimalist style, turf in Las Vegas is a good choice as are black lava rocks. However, if you want a formal look for your lawn, consider something like flat stones of terracotta.

Substitute Mulch for Natural Stone

In the past, you may have been told mulch was good for your lawn. The real truth is that rocks are better. Rocks have the durability to last years, whereas mulch has to be replaced often. You can also strategically use rocks to draw visitors’ eyes to your lawn’s main attraction, whether that is a favorite tree or even a shrub. One practical reason why you want to use rocks instead of mulch is that they can stunt the growth of weeds.

Create a Unique Garden

One of the best ways that rocks can be used is to create a garden of them. This will lend an exotic feel to your property. Boulders can be used to line the garden while smaller stones are the perfect way to close up gaps between them. This allows you to enhance your garden and keep your plants safe at the same time.

Include a Centerpiece on Your Lawn

If you don’t already have a centerpiece on your lawn, one can be created. Any large boulder that has a distinct shape to it will bring character and charm to your property. It is also ideal for large gardens as it can make the garden more distinct.