New Landscaping Trends to Follow for 2019

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about how you can create a stunning exterior setting that looks contemporary. Landscaping trends continue to evolve each year and can allow the yard to look beautiful. If you want to update your yard, there are a few trends to follow for 2019.

Add a Water Feature

Water features are considered to be a status symbol that looks upscale and can work as one of the main focal points in the yard. Consider installing a fountain that is decorative and complements the architecture of your home. Water is considered to be a design element that reflects nature and is a classic accent that will attract plenty of attention.

Add Artificial Turf

It can often be challenging to maintain your lawn in each season, especially during the colder months of the year. The grass may have bare spots or turn yellow when it doesn’t get enough sunlight or water. Instead of trying to attain the perfect lawn, opt for adding artificial turf in Las Vegas to make your yard look flawless. Artificial turf will maintain its appeal over the years and won’t require as much maintenance compared to natural grass. It will also boost the value of your home and make it look like it’s maintained well due to its height and vibrant color shade.

Create a Seating Area

More people are spending time outdoors and creating comfortable living spaces in their yard. Consider adding a seating area that allows you to entertain and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Use comfortable patio furniture in a shaded area where you can read or dine in the yard. The seating area will not only prove to be functional but will also create an attractive feature on the property that stands out and adds a touch of visual appeal to the outdoor setting.