Rock painting makes for a fun rainy day activity for both kids and adults and is an easy and creative way to add some color to a uniform desert rock landscape. While painted rocks can look adorable anywhere, they’ll stand out best when intermixed into a sea of white or gray landscape rocks.

Check out these pretty pebbles for some inspiration and ideas.


rocks painted like turtles and a rock with a cow pattern on it

Cows and Turtles

Photo by Dan Shall.
hand-painted stone ladybug

Ladybug Rock

Photo by Avia Venefica.
hand-painted rock wolf

Wolf with Yellow Eyes

 Photo by Ann Blair.

hand-painted orange fox rock


Photo by Robyn Lee

hand painted rock art

Doe! A Deer!

hand-painted frog rock

Little Green Froggy

hand-painted squirrel rock


Photo by Ann Blair.

hand-painted river rock painted like a cat

Here Kitty Kitty...

Photo by Ann Blair.

If you’re looking to paint some rocks of your own, you’ll need some river rocks and a little outdoor paint (you can buy outdoor paint at any craft store).

Good luck and happy painting!