5 Ways to Incorporate Flagstone in Your Outdoor Patio Ideas

Flagstone is a very beautiful and versatile hardscape. It’s no wonder why it is one of the most popular options for homeowners when it comes to patio ideas. With that said, many people don’t actually know how to best incorporate flagstone into their outdoor patio design. Today we’re going to share five things you can do with your flagstone to take your outdoor patio to the next level.

Create a Flagstone Walkway

Who doesn’t love a good walkway incorporated into their patio? A walkway creates a clear path for you and your guests to walk on and admire the surrounding beauty, adds to the overall design of your home, and certainly increases curb appeal.

With that said, flagstone is the perfect opportunity to create a walkway in your yard. What’s even better is that flagstone is such a versatile material to work with. In fact, the opportunities with this material feel almost limitless once you start thinking of concepts.

You can create a forest-like path using irregular flagstone with grass intertwined with each stone. If you’re looking for something simpler, you can create a smooth, straight sidewalk with flagstone pavers instead.

Design Your Entire Patio With Flagstone

As stated previously, flagstone is an extremely versatile hardscape. This means that homeowners can even create an entire patio using flagstone material.

Flagstone enables homeowners to design their patio to fit their yard space and their desired aesthetic. You can incorporate geometric shapes like squares and rectangles to create a simpler and more formal look. But if you’re looking for something a little more eccentric, you can opt for irregular flagstone shapes to make your patio truly stand out.

If you’re creating a large patio, don’t worry. Installing flagstone is actually pretty simple. But keep in mind that it can be time-consuming.

Edge Your Garden As Part of Your Patio Ideas

Most landscapes include some form of a garden. Whether you have a few plants or you’re a gardening expert, edging your garden is important. Garden edging is a process that creates a border that goes around your landscape beds.

This is usually to keep grass out in order to keep your garden clean and presentable or to simply increase curb appeal.

If garden edging sounds like something you’re interested in, this can easily be done with flagstone. Many homeowners limit their flagstone just by lying flat on a surface, but these decorative rocks actually function as an excellent divider.

You will achieve different results for your garden bed depending on the flagstone you use. For instance, flagstone pavers are known to make your garden look more modern. On the other hand, irregular flagstone provides a more natural aesthetic. Play around with a few ideas to determine which type of flagstone works best for your needs.

Create Outdoor Seating With Flagstone

If you plan on spending time in your yard, then having seating is necessary. But before you go to your local store and buy outdoor patio furniture, consider using flagstone to make a unique seating environment.

Flagstone is probably the last thing you would think about when it comes to seating but it puts a nice twist to your outdoor area while seamlessly integrating with your entire landscape.

Homeowners can create seating by stacking flagstone and putting mortar in between each slab. If you decide to incorporate flagstone seating, it’s a good idea to keep the height between 18 and 22 inches. In addition, be sure to top the seating off with smooth flagstone to ensure that it is comfortable for you and your guests.

It’s important to note that building seating with flagstone isn’t as simple as it sounds. With that said, it’s best to consult a professional who can build quality and safe seating for your landscape rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Build a Retaining Wall to Support Your Patio Ideas

If your home sits on a slope, great patio ideas for your landscape include building a retaining wall using flagstone.

This is an excellent option for homeowners that want to be able to create distinct levels to bring their landscape to life. Not only that but a retaining wall is a great way to add value to your home, stabilizes a sloped land, and can even prevent flooding.

Keep in mind that a retaining wall using flagstone isn’t just a nice decoration. You will need to check your city’s ordinances to ensure that you are building within their specific guidelines to avoid any fines. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a city to want the retaining wall to be built at a specific height.

Ultimately, you will want to hire a professional to install your retaining wall to make certain that the wall is meeting all guidelines and that it is installed properly to avoid any safety hazards.

Your landscape presents a lot of great opportunities to play around with patio ideas. Flagstone is an extremely versatile hardscape that enables homeowners to create their dream patio.

With that said, incorporate a flagstone walkway to create a distinct path for you and your guests. If you’re feeling up to it, you can create an entire patio using flagstone.

If you want to put a unique twist to your outdoor seating, try creating seating using flagstone with mortar. Lastly, consider making a retaining wall if your home sits on a slope.