patio ideasChoosing the Right Travertine Finish for Your Patio Ideas

A patio is a nice addition to any home. You might choose one that connects your swimming pool to your back door or one that is large enough for a new outdoor kitchen. Travertine is a durable material that creates the solid base of your patio. You don’t need to use standard concrete or brick pavers. These tiles work will all of the patio ideas that you see online and those already in your mind. Once you take a look at the different finishes, it’s easy to choose the right one for your patio.

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of natural stone that has many uses around your home. Natural springs carry minerals that build up over time to form limestone. Travertine features different types of minerals such as calcium and lime. All of the swirls and designs that you see in the material form naturally from those minerals. Suppliers obtain natural Travertine and use machines to cut it into the thin tiles that Las Vegas paver installation companies can install for you.

Polished Travertine

One of the more popular finishes for those in the Las Vegas area is a polished finish. This process requires that the supplier polish the surface of the Travertine. They will usually cut the stone into thin sheets before they polish it. Others create thin sheets and cut those sheets into individual tiles before polishing them. The end result is a tile with a bright and reflective surface. Though polished Travertine is commonly used in bathrooms and other interior spaces, it also looks nice on a patio floor.

Honed Travertine

If you prefer the look of natural landscape rocks and/or plan to use rocks around your patio, consider honed Travertine. Once the supplier has the Travertine in stock, they will lay the edges of the stone against a grinder to smooth the edges. They also buffing machines that make the edges as smooth as possible. Honed Travertine is a great addition to any patio. The installer can leave the tile as-is or fill it to give it more depth and structure.

Brushed Travertine

Another option is brushed Travertine that gives your patio a more rustic look. If you thought about using bricks Las Vegas designs, you can use brushed tiles to get a similar look. Those tiles might remind you of the desert just a few blocks away because you can choose from light or dark colors. Though some use a water wheel to brush the tiles, others use a wire brush. Brushes give the tiles an even more rustic look than you would get from a wheel, which can also polish the stone. You can work with your supplier to ensure that the tiles match the look you have in mind.

Tumbled Travertine

Many Las Vegas homeowners love the look of tumbled Travertine. It’s often more expensive than the other types because it takes longer to create. The process starts with individual pieces of Travertine cut into tiles. Those pieces go in a barrel attached to a machine along with water and some abrasive materials. The maker will repeatedly turn the barrel or use a machine that keeps it flipping and turning. The process causes the tiles to knock against each other and the sides of the barrel to create unique designs. As no two tiles are exactly the same, tumbled Travertine adds more dimension to your patio.

Straight Edge Travertine

If you look at patio ideas and decide that you want a rustic patio that reminds you of the great outdoors, you might go with straight edge Travertine. Also known as the saw cut Travertine, this version features individual tiles cut from a large stone. The supplier will use a sharp blade to divide the stone into separate tiles, making sure that they don’t waste any of the material. Though you may find tiles with smooth and even edges, the tiles may have rough and uneven edges due to the blade used to cut them from the stone.

Chiseled Edge Travertine

The person or company that makes your Travertine may offer a chiseled edge version, too. Instead of using a blade, they use a chisel to create the tiles. One of the benefits of this type is that it has a unique appearance that makes your patio look different from others in your neighborhood. Not only does this process make the tiles look weathered, but it can also make them look older and fit more with the style of your home. You can easily incorporate Las Vegas rocks into or around your patio to complete the look.

Travertine Colors

Adding a Travertine patio requires more than just deciding which finish is right for you. You also need to consider the color that you need. This color should complement any decorative rocks or plants in your yard along with the color of your house and your patio furniture. There are many dark brown colors that range from a rich milk chocolate brown to an intense black that looks like a cup of coffee. If you prefer a lighter shade, you might go with ivory that is a step up from white or honey, which has some golden accents. Travertine also comes in some unique shades such as emerald green and deep pink that add a pop of color to your home.

Filled vs. Unfilled Patio Ideas

Another thing to consider is whether your patio needs filled or unfilled Travertine. Think about brick pavers Las Vegas rocks and similar materials that you see on and around homes. Many people who use brick will seal it to block out moisture and make the brick last longer. Filling Travertine does the same thing. Filled Travertine features some type of mixture that fills all of the natural holes and air bubbles found in the stone. This gives it more integrity and can make it last longer when you use it outside. Unfilled Travertine does not go through this process. It is more porous and can easily absorb rainwater, which can make the tiles swell and crack. If you choose a filled design for your landscape rock patio, it will still have a natural look.

Your Dream Travertine Patio Ideas

Travertine is a great material for patios in Las Vegas because it holds up well to the hot environment. It comes in multiple finishes and colors to match the design you want. Deciding on the right type of finish is the key to creating your dream Travertine patio.