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Patio Ideas: Should You Use Travertine, Paver, or Flagstone?

If you wish to spend a lot of time outdoors in summer without having to worry about the summer sun, you should consider paying for a patio construction project. When thinking about patio ideas, you should think about the materials you will use when constructing this patio. Pavers, flagstone, and travertine are some of the materials you can use. Below are more details on which materials will be the best for your patio.

Paver Patios

Pavers are usually tile or brick-like pieces of concrete that you can use as the construction materials for your patio. However, other pavers are made from travertine and clay. When it comes to these flooring materials, you can decide to use interlocking concrete pavers or stone pavers.

Why You Should Use Pavers When Constructing Your Patio

Many landscaping experts usually advise people to construct paver patios since pavers have many benefits. For instance, when you use this construction material, you will not have to worry about cracks since pavers are usually durable and are not prone to cracking. The fact that they are usually installed in a way to make them form flexible pavement systems makes them durable.

You should also consider having a paver patio since such a patio will require minimal maintenance. For instance, you will only need to sweep the surface when you have such a patio. In case of any stains on this surface, you will only need water and soap to remove them.

Another benefit associated with pavers is that they are weather resistant. Therefore, if you live in an area where temperature fluctuations are common, you should choose this construction material. The pavement system will not crack as a result of the fluctuations. Below are other benefits of using pavers as your flooring material.

• Pavers are usually available in several colors, patterns, textures, and shapes.
• Pavers are affordable.

Why You Should Not Use Pavers When Constructing Your Patio

Several reasons should make you not use pavers as the flooring material for your patio. Below are some of these reasons.

• Constructing a paver patio will take more time than constructing some other types of patios.
• Paver patios can become weedy over time.

Travertine Patio Ideas

Travertine is another construction material that you can use for your patio. It is usually a type of stone that has a striking and distinctive appearance. When you decide to use this flooring, you can decide to construct a honed, brushed, tumbled, or polished travertine patio. Read more about building an artificial turf here.

Why You Should Have a Travertine Patio

Travertine has several impressive qualities that make some people consider it the best construction material for a patio. For instance, this flooring material is usually beautiful. It has a lavish and classic look.

Another impressive quality associated with this construction material is that it is durable. This material can hold against cracking and scratching. Therefore, it is the best material to go for if you live in a home with large pets and small children.

On top of all this, travertine is valuable. That means that it can increase the value of your home if it is used to construct your patio floor. Therefore, it is the best flooring material to go for if you intend to sell your home in the near future.

Why You Should Not Use Travertine for Your Patio Construction Project

There are several drawbacks of travertine floors that should make you not use this material for your patio construction project. For instance, this type of floor tends to stay cold. That will be quite disadvantageous if you live in an area whose weather is mostly cold.

Another reason why you should not consider having a travertine floor is that this type of floor requires a lot of maintenance. For example, it needs to be resealed regularly to protect it against damage caused by harsh weather.

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is a naturally occurring stone that people use when constructing patios. This stone is usually flat and can be cut into square or rectangular shapes. It is a versatile and diverse stone that is perfect for many hardscape projects, including patio and pavement construction projects.

Why You Should Use Flagstone When Carrying Out Patio Ideas

You should consider adding a flagstone patio to your home because flagstone is a very durable material. This construction material is less likely to crack even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Pests such as termites can also not damage it.

Also, flagstone is usually readily available, making it an affordable construction material. Unlike travertine, this material is sold in many construction materials’ shops. It is usually available in different colors, and hence you will be able to choose the color that excites you.

Constructing patios using this construction material is usually easy. Therefore, your landscaping professional will not charge you a lot of money for the construction project. Below are other benefits of using this construction material to construct your patio ideas. Flagstone:

• Does not encourage water pooling since this material promotes traction
• Is non-slip
• Can stand the test of time
• Is an aesthetically pleasing construction material that will make your patio look attractive

The Drawbacks of Constructing a Flagstone Patio

Several things can make you decide not to construct a flagstone patio. Below are some of these things.

A few steps need to be followed when constructing a flagstone patio. If any of these steps are skipped during the construction project, your flagstone will get damaged within no time.

• If one flagstone gets damaged, all the flagstones used must be removed during the repair project.
• In case the one undertaking your construction project is not well conversant with patios and patio ideas, they can end up installing uneven floors in your outdoor space.
• Flagstones are susceptible to breakage.

Which Among These Three Materials Is the Best?

From the above discussion, it is clear that all these three construction materials have their benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, there is no specific material that you can consider the best. However, based on the benefits and drawbacks of each of these three materials, you should choose the one that suits your needs. Professionals from Parsons Rocks can help you choose the material that suits your needs.

When undertaking a patio construction project, you should consider the construction material you will use. When undertaking this project, you can decide to use travertine, flagstone, or pavers. All these three construction materials are good. You should, however, choose the material that suits your needs.