Popular, Trendy and Unique Paver Pattern Design Options

On the hunt for pavers in Las Vegas? The good news is there are many choices available for your consideration. Of course, this can also be challenging if you’re still not sure what’s right for your patio or exterior walkways. Below you’ll find some of the more popular, trendy, and unique paver laying patterns you’re welcome to consider.

Traditional Paver Pattern Designs

If you prefer to go with the tried and true when you buy pavers in Las Vegas, rectangular and cobble-style pavers are worthy of your consideration. These patterns tend to work well in smaller spaces where you don’t already have larger pavers. Patio paver patterns that tend to be more traditional include:

• Running bond pattern. Stones are laid in rows in the same direction.

• Herringbone pattern. Pavers are laid in a zig-zag pattern.

• Basket weave pattern. Pavers are used to create block designs

Modern, Unconventional Paver Patterns

Your paver pattern design can also be modern and more unconventional. This just means you’ll look for pavers in Las Vegas that are more visually dynamic and less repetitive. For instance, you could create a more contemporary look with larger stones with varying tones that are more random. Another more modern option is to mix and match colors that complement or ones that are varying shades of the same color. You could even include unique shapes and symbols in your design, like your last name initial or an outline of the mascot for your favorite sports team!

Paver Patio Border Patterns

Adding a complementary border with smaller paving stones can create an eye-catching look that seriously ups your property’s curb appeal! Options for borders include contrasting styles, colors, and shapes. Soldier course is a popular border pattern in which rectangular pavers are laid side-by-side in a row. You could also go with a sailor course pattern for your borders, which involves laying rectangular pavers lengthwise in one or two rows. The big takeaway here is that there are many appealing options and patterns to explore as you determine what’s right for your paved exterior spots.