Rock Garden Ideas That Keep Your Pet Safe

One way to increase the curb appeal of your home is to have a rock garden. Not only do rocks provide a stately appearance, but when they’re surrounded by plants and grass, the garden looks natural, organic, and sophisticated. For those who have pets, however, rock gardens don’t always work out well. Dogs love to dig and the smaller rocks can sometimes cut their paws. To help ensure that your rock garden is pet-friendly, follow some of these ideas.

1. No Real Grass

A lot of rock gardens typically use real grass. In certain areas where it can cost a lot of water to keep that grass beautiful and maintained, it just isn’t feasible to have grass. Instead, you might want to buy turf in Las Vegas. Turf looks great, maintains its vibrant green color for years, and is soft on the paws of your pet. Because pets can’t dig into the layer below turf, it also helps curb the amount of digging that your dog might perform.

2. Large Rocks

Another problem that your pet may have with a rock garden is the small pebbles or chips of rock that people use in their rock garden. To prevent cuts and scrapes on their paws and other parts of their bodies, it may be worth it to choose larger rocks instead of the small, filler, rocks. Large boulders and other stones won’t be beneath the paws of your pet when they navigate through the garden. If they choose to jump onto the boulder or large stone, the surface is large enough to keep from getting caught in their paws and scraping them.

3. Avoid Succulents in a Pet-Friendly Rock Garden

It’s popular for these gardens to include succulents or other plants that have spikes. They don’t require much maintenance and last for a long time without water. However, they’re not pet-friendly. Your animal can accidentally brush up against them or even fall against them. Those spikes can cause serious harm. When you plan your rock garden idea, leave out the cactuses and other succulents.