How to Create a Pet-Friendly Yard

Creating a pet-friendly yard doesn’t have to be complicated. After starting with some good turf in Las Vegas, you can customize your yard to your liking. Most things are just fine for your furry friends, but there are some outliers you should know about. By avoiding these things, you can ensure the yard is a great place for the entire family to relax.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

Many plants are toxic to both dogs and cats. Pets tend to nibble on things when they’re curious or when they’re feeling unwell. Even the smallest amounts of certain plants can cause permanent damage or death. Call a nursery professional or look up ASPCA’s list of toxic and pet-safe plants before you buy.

Keep the Garage Locked Tight

Both cats and dogs are natural explorers, and the garage is no place for them to go searching for treasures. Oil, antifreeze, road salt, and many other potential dangers lurk in the garage. Always shut and lock up when you leave, after first checking to make sure your pet didn’t follow you.

Be Cautious When It Comes to Fertilizer

Fertilizer is amazing. It can help plants grow and thrive in less than ideal conditions. It can help create succulent tomatoes or make flowers bloom bright and full of color. However, some fertilizers contain animal byproducts that will attract pests. If they ingest too much, they can wind up with an upset stomach or worse, making it a smart move to avoid fertilizers with animal products inside them. Instead, stick to pet friendly-landscaping choices.

Clean Up After Yourself for a Pet-Friendly Yard

Leaving things lying around the yard can be dangerous for pets. Sharp tools can cut into sensitive paw flesh. Dangling tools, rickety ladders, and even a hose hanging can all pose fall hazards for your four-legged friends. Clean up after yourself and the yard will remain a safe haven for your loved ones.