How to Pick the Perfect Paving Stones

Pavers are excellent for curb appeal because they come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. They also allow you to make many beautiful patterns. The problem is that there are so many that picking the perfect ones can be difficult. This guide will help narrow your selection so you can find the best for your yard.

Selecting the Paver Color

Paving materials come in many colors and this should be the first thing you consider. It’s best to select paver colors that work with your home. Pick colors that are somewhat lighter than your house so that it works as one cohesive design. If you have a brick home, then you may want to avoid using brick pavers as this can create too much red in your landscape.

Natural colors are great, but many natural pavers have hues of yellow or pink that only appear with intense sunlight or water. These can compete with your home if you aren’t careful. Be sure to scrutinize the colors carefully before making your final selection.

Consider the Aesthetic

You must consider the aesthetic you want to achieve. If you want a tranquil feel, then you should exclusively use light and neutral colors. If you want a more dynamic environment, then you might want a few splashes of bright color. Lighter colors also make a space look larger while dark colors make spaces look smaller.

You’ll want to consider the shape as well. If you want a traditional design, then using squares and rectangles are best. More modern designs might use diamond-shaped stones with the interior cut out or other uncommon shapes to make unique designs.

Different Stone Textures

Many decorative rocks in Las Vegas come in different textures. Smoother stones are good for areas with significant foot traffic while rough stones are better if you want some traction if there’s a pool nearby. Tumbled stones tend to have color variations that might perfectly fit your aesthetic.