3 Types of Rock Gardens

Using boulders in rock gardens is a great way to make your landscaping look more beautiful. You will want to use boulders that are in scale to the size of the garden that you want to create. You also need to consider the size of your yard. One of the most common mistakes in using landscaping boulders is choosing boulders that are too small. You can create rock gardens in almost any spot in your landscaping.

Sunny Rock Gardens

If you have an area where the sun often scorches the grass, it may be a great place for a sunny rock garden. Consider placing hen and chick plants in the crevices of the boulder as these green plants love full sun, and they are easy to maintain in a desert environment. You may also want to consider planting iris bulbs. Many varieties thrive in full sun, and they usually bloom twice each year. While they often get tall and straggly in the garden, they usually stay shorter and stockier when planted around boulders.

Shady Rock Gardens

It is also possible to plant a beautiful rock garden using boulders in a shady area in your landscaping. Consider using miniature hostas because of their unique blue, white, green, gold and variegated foliage. These plants often thrive in crevices between large boulders. If you love a carefree plant, then consider Ramonda. These plants look like they are dead when they do not get enough water, but they will open again into full bloom once it rains.

Edible Rock Gardens

Many different types of vegetables do well in raised beds built with boulders. Layering the inside with peat moss, sand and topsoil give the vegetables the nutrients they need to thrive. Alternatively, you can plant many herbs next to boulders as the drier conditions often cause them to produce stronger oils.

Once you have designed your rock garden using boulders, you can then pick out the boulders that are right for your space. Boulders in Las Vegas that are buried about one-third of the way in the ground often look best as they have a more natural appearance.