Understanding more about artificial turf and its many uses will be helpful if you’re considering altering the landscape of your home or business.

Common Uses and Applications of Artificial Turf

Artificial or synthetic turf has long been considered to be a product only used in sports arenas. While this type of turf is commonly used for this purpose, there are many additional applications where turf can be hugely beneficial, due largely to the low maintenance requirements, appealing aesthetics and ability to save water. Whether you’re the owner of residential property or commercial property, this type of turf has a large number of applications that you should consider.

Landscaping For Residential Properties

If you no longer want to waste hours each week mowing your lawn and making sure that it remains in good condition, turf may be just what you need. Artificial turf doesn’t need to be mowed or fertilized, so you’ll be able to save a lot of time on general up-keep. This type of turf has the added benefit of always staying green, so you don’t need to worry about how it appears. By replacing your current grass with artificial turf, you’re guaranteed to have a healthy looking lawn at all times, even during those cold winter months when the grass doesn’t grow or through short-term droughts when your lawn isn’t getting any water.

Sports Fields and Putting Greens

Artificial turf is regularly used on a wide range of sports fields, from football fields and soccer fields to lacrosse and baseball fields. While this fake grass is used in large part for its appearance, it’s also put in place because it consists of a very soft quality, allowing players to be protected in the event of a fall and the amount of injuries to be heavily reduced. Along with sports fields, this type of grass is also commonly installed on putting greens at mini-golf courses, so as to avoid regular maintenance and other issues that could affect the path of the ball. Many people even use this material for private putting greens in larger estate homes and offices.

Playgrounds and Balconies

In parks, schools, and even daycare centers, artificial turf is becoming more popular than ever on playgrounds, as kids are safer playing on soft turf. A large number of apartment owners utilize turf as a means of sprucing up the place, especially on balconies. This is particularly common among dog owners. If you’re considering buying turf in Las Vegas, make sure that you select an option that’s reputable and high quality in nature.