Protecting Wildlife Is Possible With Your Water Features

Perhaps you’ve already taken the steps to ensure that your lawn is protecting wildlife. Many homeowners choose to poison their grass in an attempt to get rid of wildlife. Not only does this harm them, but it can also harm the environment. Savvy homeowners buy turf in Las Vegas to have a great-looking lawn that’s also safe for the local wildlife. Yet another aspect to consider is your water features. Here are a few ideas on how to make wildlife-friendly water features.

Make an Escape Path for Protecting Wildlife

It’s easy for smaller creatures to attempt to take a sip of water only to fall into it. If you have a water feature that is bowled or doesn’t have an escape path, then the animal will likely drown. That isn’t exactly a feature you want to show off either. When planning your water feature, you should opt for one that has a path that a smaller creature can use to climb out of it in case they fall inside.

Elevate and Net

If you want to keep the wildlife out of your water entirely, then you could make a feature that makes it impossible for them to climb up into the feature. Elevate where the body of water is located and then make a net that wraps around it or even over the open surface. This will keep animals from falling inside of it as well as from drinking its water. The net will still allow for the water to pass through if you wish to have fountains.

Double Water Features With Garden

Another way to have a beautiful water feature that also protects wildlife is to use fountains and sprinklers without a bowl or basin. Use the water spouts to shoot through the garden area to water it safely.