Tips on Choosing Decorative Rock for Your Exterior

Decorative rocks come in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and colors. These options allow you to customize the design of your landscape exterior to suit your tastes and preferences. You will find some tips on how to manage and install decorative rock below.

Decorative Rock Deliveries

Decorative rock services in Las Vegas will typically offer small quantities of pebbles and other tiny stones in sealed bags. However, large bulk orders that are meant to cover a wide area will come to you in a large truck.  Professionals in the area will be able to deliver your shipment to you at the location you specify in most cases. Although you can take charge of the shipment immediately, a landscaper from the company will be happy to assist you with any challenging designs or answer any decorative rock questions you might have.

Preventing Weed Growth

Decorative rocks in Las Vegas make for some fantastic views, but they can be spoiled by the presence of weeds. These weeds have a tendency to spring up in the small, natural spaces between the rock or in other places that can be hard to reach. It’s better to do what you can to prevent the weeds rather than dealing with them later. Many professionals can install dedicated landscape fabric as part of their services. This fabric is tough and has a dense structure that should keep weeds from sprouting through the rocks.

Getting the Rocks You Need

Most landscapes that use rock are not level, so you can’t use simple calculations to determine how much decorative rock you should order. While many experts recommend a depth of at least two inches for decorative rock, these levels can vary depending on the nature of the specific project you have in mind. You can consult a decorative rock professional in the Las Vegas area for advice on how to proceed with your plans. The technician will also measure the area for you and determine precisely how much rock you will need.