Outdoor home improvement projects are a fun way to improve the value of a house before it is placed on the market, increasing the chances of the home selling quickly for the highest price.

Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Selling a House

Selling a home can be very challenging, especially when the market is not moving as quickly as one might have hoped. In addition, it is possible to receive several offers that are much lower than the asking price. In order to encourage viewers, bids, and higher offers, a bit of exterior refreshing is in order for the homeowner. With all work completed before the home is listed for sale, the homeowner doesn’t have to juggle improvement projects and open houses.

Edging and Framing Landscaping

Preparing to sell a house and move is a time consuming and stressful life event. Common homeowner chores, such as landscaping, mowing, edging, and weed-eating, might get pushed to the back burner. This can put off potential buyers if the home appears unkempt or unattractive. All sidewalks, driveways, and pathways should be edged and trimmed short, while all landscaping should be framed in beautiful wooden beds or behind stunning landscape rocks. Maintaining walls and beds makes landscaping and yard work much easier.

Reapplying and Touching Up Paint

Upon close inspection, the home, shutters, decks, benches, or fencing may appear weathered and dull. Heavy traffic or turbulent weather may result in the fading, cracking, and chipping of existing paint. Well before the first showing, it is a wonderful idea to paint all areas that have shown signs of wear and tear. This makes the home and yard seem “new” and appealing.

Unique Weekend Filler Projects

If a home is already in wonderful shape for selling but seems to be attracting low offers or few viewers, it might be a good idea to take up some outdoor projects. If there is no fire pit, installing a pit with permanent seating is a wonderful idea; it allows potential buyers to imagine their families enjoying their yard for the first time. If the home is spacious for a growing family, a tree house project could add a lot of imagination to the backyard. Fenced yards are in high demand as well, and add quite a bit of value to a home.