Building a raised bed from pavers provides the ideal growing environment for vegetable root crops. Carrots grow straight and beets can develop to a full, round shape when vegetables have plenty of room to grow.

Building Raised Beds for Your Vegetable Root Crops

Vegetable root crops such as carrots, beets and turnips can be difficult to grow, especially in hard clay or rocky soils. Because the edible part of root vegetables is underground, it is important to provide an environment in which these roots can freely grow and thrive. Building raised beds with pavers will provide the ideal environment to grow these nutritious vegetables for your family.

Crooked Carrots

Carrots are notorious for growing into odd shapes when they are confined by rocks or hard clay soils. Internet images of oddly shaped carrots may be worth a laugh, but when you are trying to grow food it can be frustrating to harvest a crop that has not grown to its full potential. Other root crops such as parsnips, turnips, onions and potatoes may retain their round shapes in rocky or hard soils, but they will not grow to an adequate size if the soil does not provide a high-quality growing environment.

Creating Raised Beds with Pavers

Building raised beds with pavers allows you to create a fresh space with carefully chosen soil for your vegetable root crops. A soil blend that is rock free and includes compost will allow your vegetables to grow and thrive. Simply arrange pavers in the desired garden bed shape, and stack the pavers several layers in height. Fill the raised bed with soil, plant your seeds and provide consistent water throughout the growing season.

Build It and They Will Grow

Root crops provide many healthy nutrients and are the basis for many hearty meals such as soups and stews. Root crops store well and are wonderful to have on hand for winter recipes. Getting started with your raised-bed vegetable garden is as simple as purchasing soil and pavers in Las Vegas to create the garden of your dreams.