Three Reasons to Consider Avalon Pavers

Avalon pavers can be used for walkways, patios and anywhere else that you need stone. There are many benefits to these pavers, and this will cover the top three that you should consider. See if this style is right for your needs.

Avalon Pavers for a Natural Look and Feel

One of the best things about this type of paver is that it offers a natural look and feel. It’s like slate naturally developed in your stone walkway or patio. These natural stone pavers are made intentionally so that they have a distinctly earthy feel. This gives them a wonderful texture that is unmistakable.

Multiple Sizes

Avalon stones are made in different sizes and patterns so that you can easily use them for your walkway, patio, driveway and more. You can choose between large or small stones and each set comes with three different sizes. These sizes are generic and can be used for both simple and intricate patterns.

Unless you are using a custom pattern, these sizes should be ideal for most patterns and can be used nearly anywhere. It best to choose smaller stones for driveways and larger stones for patio pavers in Las Vegas and other large areas.

Many Colors

Another benefit is that you can choose from multiple colors for these pavers. Much like how these look like natural stone, the colors and textures mimic natural stone as well. There are rich reds, earthy browns and enchanting grays to select from. Each one creates a different aesthetic and will look amazing with your walkway or patio.

You can choose one color, or you can get multiple ones and create intricate patterns. This company can easily produce the colors that you’re looking for. Regardless of the color, these stones will maintain their high durability.