Benefits of Dark-Colored Paving Stones

Paving stones are available in just about every color and hue. You can choose gray, white, tan, red and many other colors. You can also select them in either dark or light shades depending on your needs and preferences. Each has its own benefits, and this guide will describe the advantages of choosing dark pavers for your landscaping.

Less Fading

When you buy pavers in Las Vegas, you can expect them to last for many years. Every stone will fade in time and get lighter with age. As you may expect, lighter stones fade faster because they are starting with a weaker color. Choosing paving stones in dark colors means that you can expect them to fade less dramatically. It will take more time until the color significantly fades.

Stronger Aesthetic

You may have seen that lighter paving stones are good for smaller yards and this is true. That’s because lighter stones draw less attention and allow people to easily see the whole yard. Darker paving stones demand attention and the eye is instantly drawn to them. These stones are made to be noticed and people will definitely see them as they look at or walk through your yard.

These stones do work better with larger yards because the color can be dominating. If you have enough room, then you’ll see that dark stones are superior to light ones in terms of making a strong and unique design.

More Consistent

There are many environmental factors that can change how paving stones look. The two most common that you’ll encounter are sunlight and water. The sun can make stones look lighter and might bring out certain colors while water can darken stones. Lighter paving stones are highly affected by these factors and this can alter your entire design. Darker stones are also affected, but not as dramatically. Your design will look about the same regardless of intense sun or a heavy storm.