3 Easy Kid-Friendly Rock Garden Ideas

Creating the perfect yard is never easy and it can become even more difficult when you have to find a way to kid-proof it. While most people would think that this means eliminating fancy landscaping and décor, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, there are several unique ways that you can create a kid-friendly rock garden that is both sophisticated and easy to keep up with.

Small Pebbles and Open Spaces

If your kids are very young, you may want to avoid large, sharp decorations such as boulders. Instead, invest in small pebbles or sand that your child can play in. Pebbles can look great against pavers. You can even add slightly larger rocks along the edges to keep the pebbles inside the space. If you want the area to look a little more sophisticated, try adding a small tree or shrub, but keep plenty of room for your child to play.

Spacious Walkways With Small Bushes

Small rocks look great when placed alongside walkways. Large platforms and bigfoot pavers can be fun to walk along, and the slight elevation can create a very distinct look. To make a bold statement, try using contrasting colors. When you buy pavers in Las Vegas, pick a bold color, such as black, then fill your rock garden with neutral tan or white rocks. For backyards with older children, have the walkway lead to a play area. You can even use the same small rocks or gravel in the play area!

Natural, Kid-Friendly Rock Garden

Some of the best rock gardens use natural stone to create uneven pathways. The right pavers will fit together like a puzzle and will add a unique touch to the yard. To make the paver pathway stand out more, have lush, green grass on one side and your rock garden on the other. To create a more natural look, use small neutral-colored stones and one large boulder or bright green plant as a centerpiece.