Using rocks in a yard will help it blend into the desert and make it look more natural. A look at why rocks are an obvious choice for landscaping.

Landscape Rocks as Yard Decoration

In the Mojave Desert, it’s difficult to decorate a yard that goes with the landscape. Many people opt for a natural look that blends into the desert with different flagstones, cacti, and rocks. This also helps save money, as a lawn will mean an expensive water bill. The following are reasons a homeowner should go with rocks as part of their yard.

Lawn Replacement

Landscape rocks are most often used as a filler for a yard, especially where a lawn used to be. During times of a drought, the government cuts water consumption and even hikes water bills. Opting for a yard that has rocks instead of grass can give a yard a decorative look while reducing water consumption considerably. Some common desert plants can also live in desert rocks, such as cactus, palms, and yucca. This means a homeowner can still decorate his or her yard with greenery.

The Variety

Landscape rocks are impressive in that they come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The most obvious example are lava rocks that are common throughout the United States. As far as Las Vegas is concerned, there are many types of rock to give that natural desert look, whether they be sandstone, pinkish, or gold-colored. These rocks are all available to make the yard blend in with the background. They also come in different grades, such as either large whole stones or finer stand-like pebbles, all depending on the owner’s preferences.

Landscape Rocks as a Viable Option

Yard maintenance can be difficult in Las Vegas, taking up time, energy, and money, especially if the homeowner has a lawn. Homeowners should consider alternative landscaping such as rocks as an option for their yard. Rocks will help the yard look more natural while being easier to maintain.