Tips for Choosing Turf When You Have Kids and Pets

There are many benefits to installing artificial grass in the Las Vegas area. While many business owners use it, turf in Las Vegas is also an ideal choice for homeowners. It could lower your water bills, lawn maintenance needs and improve the look of your property. If you have children and pets, keep these tips in mind when selecting which type of artificial turf to install.

Consider Your Activity Level

If your children are young and play outside, running in the yard and doing other activities, you will need a thick artificial turf that is made to withstand heavy foot traffic. The same is true if you have dogs, especially large-breed dogs that need a lot of exercise. Consider the Fescue 92 artificial turf grass, which is the thickest option available. It is ideal for heavy-use applications.

Lifestyle and Preferences

If you like to walk around outside in bare feet, you need turf that is soft to the touch. Perhaps you have an outdoor pool or patio, causing you to traverse the grass a couple of times per day. Maybe you have one small dog or a child who plays outside for a little while on a few or most days of the week. For this type of a lifestyle, a medium-duty artificial turf would be ideal. An option such as Blue 80, which looks like Kentucky bluegrass.

Coordination With Your Landscaping

When you simply want to beautify your property, a basic artificial turf is fine. If you have a pet that mostly stays indoors or kids who prefer to go to the playground instead of playing in the backyard, a light-duty artificial turf will suit your needs. You will retain all of the benefits of artificial turf, such as no need to mow or water. Consider the Spring 50, which looks great with landscaping rocks.