Decorative rock and pavers can enhance the look of a Las Vegas home, but the right material to select for a home improvement project should also be functional for the intended purpose.

How to Select the Right Decorative Rock for Your Home

Pavers and rocks can be used for many landscaping purposes, and they often will have aesthetic benefits and play a functional role in the yard. They may be used as ground cover over flowerbeds, or for hardscaping projects like patios, flowerbed borders, pathways and more. When selecting the type of decorative rock in Las Vegas to use with your upcoming home improvement project, it is important to consider a few important points.

The Overall Function of the Material

Decorative rocks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and the functionality of the material you choose is often directly related to the shape and size of the rocks. For example, flagstones are typically very large and flat, and they are ideal for use with patios, pathways or other surfaces that people will walk across. Aggregate rocks like pebbles may be suitable for pathways or ground cover, but they often are not ideal for patios because they are loose and uneven.

The Aesthetic Qualities of the Material

Another point to consider is what the material will look like once it is installed. Some materials, such as paver stones, are designed to be installed close together, and they may even be installed in patterns for enhanced style. Others, such as flagstones, may be spaced out during the installation, and this can create a more natural look to the area. The texture and color also will come into play in the overall look of your yard, and all of these factors should be considered together.

Choose a Material That Is Great For Your Home

The installation of paving materials can be an incredible benefit to your home, but not all materials will have the same features and qualities. Take time to learn more about the materials available, and consider how each may enhance your yard in different ways.