Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Nevada Landscaping

Many people associate low maintenance with low quality, but there are many plants that require very little attention and look absolutely gorgeous. The following plants work with your landscaping and are resistant to droughts while basically growing on their own.

Trailing Lantana Low-Maintenance Plants

This is the most resilient lantana and it’s great when you buy turf in Las Vegas. Unlike many other drought-resistant plants, it actually cleans itself so that it always looks good. The flowers are a brilliant lavender and the foliage becomes purple in the winter. It can tolerate the sun at any intensity, and it grows in containers, slopes and planters.

Almost everything is perfect about this plant. The only thing you need to be wary of is the berries. Trailing lantana makes dark berries that are poisonous. It’s best to clear the berries away, especially if you have pets.

Red Fairy Duster

This ornamental shrub is a native to California, but it also grows quite well in Nevada. It’s known for vibrant red stamens that are highly attractive to colorful hummingbirds and butterflies. The shrub blooms quickly and it shouldn’t be long for the flowers to grow and thrive. If the flowers aren’t growing as expected, then you may need to water the shrub.

This plant does well in reflective or full sun. It even does well in the shade. It has moderate density that works well with succulents and other similar flowers. Very little maintenance is required. You will only have to prune in the winter, but otherwise this plant needs very little attention.


These spread five feet per season and require almost no effort. They have vibrant colors and the flowers have a unique unfolding pattern. This is known for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. This plant looks like it takes hours of work, but it will only require a few minutes of time to water.