Landscaping projects that can be done over the weekend on a budget.

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Any Budget

With the spring season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to add instant curb appeal to your home than right now. Landscaping may seem like an intimidating concept, but in reality, there are many budget-friendly projects you can complete yourself that will completely transform the exterior of your home.

Installing Flowerbed Edging

Adding a border to your flowerbed will draw attention away from the lawn and towards the vibrant colors in your plants. Choosing a rock or mulch base that has a neutral tint will not compete with the other colors in your flowerbed. However, if your plants are not particularly colorful, rich burgundy-tinted mulch or colorful rocks might be the better option. In order to define the boundaries of your edging, turn on the water hose, but leave the sprayer off and place it in the position you imagine will look best. This will usually depend on whether the design is of the traditionally linear kind or the curvy kind. A charged garden hose will provide a smoother edge so you can lay out the design with ease.

Create a Wall for Raised Flower Beds

You do not have to be an experienced stonemason in order to create a wall that enhances a raised flowerbed. Simply lay out the design of your wall with stakes and string or thin rope. Select rock that is consistent in dimensions, such as flagstone that is split into slabs. Before placing the rocks, pour a layer of sand in order to level the ground. Repeat this process in between layers, staggering the flagstone with each time you add another row.

Adding a Flagstone Path

Use a garden hose to line out the path that looks best, and then use an edging material to define the borders. Lay out flagstone rocks 2-4 inches apart and sprinkle them with flour so you will know exactly where to remove the sod. After the ground is ready, place the rocks back into position then fill in the gaps with landscape rocks.

Landscaping is more than planting flowers, adding mulch or rocks; it is about where and how you position these items to enhance maximum visual appeal. Think of your lawn as a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed into your original work of art.