You can grow an agave plant almost anywhere inside or outside.

How to Grow Agave of Your Own

An agave plant is a type of succulent that has large, flat leaves that come to a sharp point. These beautiful plants naturally grow in a rosette shape, produce gorgeous blooms, and have a nice blue-green color on the leaves. If you want to grow agave yourself, below you can find some great, simple tips for how to add this succulent to your yard, garden, or home.

Where to Grow Agave

One of the great things about agave is that it is a plant that does well in almost every climate. Being a succulent, it is highly drought-tolerant, which means it doesn’t need much water and can do well in desert-like climates. However, agave also does well in hot tropical climates and colder climates in the northern parts of the United States. Just be careful that they are not exposed to front conditions. Because of its adaptability, no matter where you live, you will most likely be able to cultivate agave and have it flourish.

Agave Outside

When growing agave, you want to make sure that you choose the right spot. Agave likes full sun but can tolerate some shade in hotter climates. Agave also likes sandy, rocky soil that drains well. After planting, you will want to water them every couple of days, but once they are established, you won’t have to worry about watering them — maybe once every two weeks or so. You don’t need to ever feed agave, either.

When choosing a spot, agave can also act as a nice filler for your front and back yard. These plants are perfect for filling in the areas surrounding your patio pavers in Las Vegas or as accents in your landscaping.

Agave Inside

If you want to plant agave inside your home, you can use just about any size container, as succulents have shallow root systems. However, you will want to make sure your pot has drainage, as agave does better in dry soil. Like outdoor agave, your inside plants won’t need much water. Consider just watering them only when the soil gets very dry, maybe once every month or so. Once your agave is a good size, you will want to re-pot it, as the root system can get crowded.