Tips for Using River Rock on Your Las Vegas Turf

River rocks’ flat texture and rounded edges make them perfect for landscaping. There are many ways that you can incorporate them on your Las Vegas turf that are sure to impress your friends and neighbors. The great news is that the ideas suggested in this article are easy to personalize and implement.

Line a Pond

River rocks are perfect for hiding a pond liner while giving your Las Vegas landscape a more natural appearance since river rocks are found naturally near ponds. Let the size of your property determine how big you should make the pond. If you have enough space, you can add a gazebo and a bridge to make the area even more inviting. Even small spaces have enough room for a small pond. Alternatively, you can use river rocks around a raised pond. Consider surrounding the river rocks with plants to draw attention to the space.

Create a Pathway

The flat texture of river rocks makes them perfect for creating a path. You can use them by themselves or place them between pavers. Consider using them as a front walkway or in the backyard to divide spaces and show people where you want them to walk, which may keep them from walking on your Las Vegas turf. They are ideal for giving a space a rustic vibe.

Add Texture to Flower Beds

Adding river rocks around the edge of flower beds is often a fantastic solution to holding your dirt in place. It easily creates a barrier between your bed and turf that looks natural. In some cases, adding river rocks makes your flower beds look better because it adds a different texture. Putting them around all your flower gardens also helps to create a uniform appearance.

Boost the Light in Your Las Vegas Landscaping

If you have a dark place in your landscaping, adding light-colored river rocks can be a great way to add light to your landscaping. A popular way to do this is to put river rocks under shade trees. The stones make the perfect place to put your outdoor furniture because your furniture will not sink into the ground. Alternatively, adding them in swampy areas of your Las Vegas landscape can help keep water from settling in those areas while making the area brighter.

Create a Rock Garden

If you are tired of caring for so much grass, think about creating a rock garden. While you may want to include some larger boulders and landscaping rocks, placing river rocks around the edge helps to soften its appearance, making it appear more natural. You can also add some native plants that contrast with the rocks.

Plan a Focal Spot

River rocks are perfect when defining a focal point in your landscaping. You can install a flagpole and surround it with stones. Alternatively, consider putting up a statue, such as a deer or a garden gnome, and surrounding it with rocks. You could also plant a specimen plant and place rocks around it. Talk to a landscaper in Las Vegas to see which plants will work best in your landscaping.

Line a Fence

The area near fences often looks messy, but not if you line it with river rocks. Consider using a color of river rock that contrasts with your fencing. You can use the rocks alone or place decorative items on them. You could even paint images or words on the rock and use it as an area where people can find inspiration.

Design a Dry Riverbed

If you love the look of a creek but your landscape is not the right place for one, then consider installing a dry riverbed. Start by outlining the area where you want your imaginary stream to run. Dig a little bit in the middle so that it is lower than the edges. Then, put some larger landscaping rocks along the border. Fill the bottom of the riverbed with river rocks.

Layout a Mosiac

The different colors of river rocks make them perfect for designing a mosaic. You can make it part of your patio or outdoor kitchen. Alternatively, fasten it to a board and hang it on your entry gate or the front of your house. You can use any design that you like. Consider planning it out and then fixing the rocks in place with a bit of cement.

Construct a Fire Pit

River rocks are ideal for making a natural fire pit. Place a small amount of sand at the bottom of the area where you want to build the fire pit. Then, start building the pit using rocks that will not explode when they get hot. If you wish, make the pit out of cement, and arrange the stones in the cement while it is still wet to create a more natural look.

Stop Erosion

If you have an area where you are concerned about erosion, river rocks can be an ideal solution. Consider placing them in a slopey area to help stop water from moving your soil to your neighbor’s yard. You can put some plants with deep roots among the rocks to make the site even more beautiful.

Get Las Vegas Turf and Rocks

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