Make a statement with rock jewelry! Purchase pre-made baubles from your favorite designers, or better yet…make them yourself. Here are three ways to get creative.

(1) Pendants

crochet stone pendant

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


Stones and pebbles look great as pendants. Go for polished versions or stick to more natural-looking pieces. There are plenty of DIY stone jewelry tutorials online that will show you how to create intricate or simple pendants.

(2) Rings

rock rings


Who doesn’t love a ring made from a huge rock? Such rings are fairly simple to create on your own: All you need are ring backs, hot glue, and the right stones!

(3) Earrings

earrings made from rocks

Source: via Lois on Pinterest


Lightweight pebbles work well as earrings. Browse jewelry tutorials and make a colorful assortment of ear adornments.

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