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A dog can ruin a property’s curb appeal by digging around decorative boulders and pavers. However, if certain steps are taken, a typical pet won’t cause problems by destroying design elements on a landscape.

How to Change a Dog’s Digging Habits

All dogs will dig up mulch around boulders in Las Vegas because it’s their primal instinct. Most pets like to move dirt in order to hide their toys, but some dogs will also dig to find insects and rodents, which are tasty snacks. The process of changing these habits will take time, as digging is a regular routine for a typical dog that spends a lot of time roaming around a yard. In order to tackle this task successfully, you’ll have to supervise your pet and implement strategic containment procedures along the way.

Monitor the Animal

While supervising your pet, you must use items to distract the animal whenever digging happens around your landscaping accessories. Clapping and whistling are effective ways to get a dog’s attention when digging is in progress. If your dog is easily frightened, you should use a shaker can instead. In order to make this item, you must fill an empty soda can with a few pebbles or coins. When the dog is distracted, redirect the behavior by throwing a treat or a ball somewhere on the property.

Contain the Pet

If you can’t supervise your pet on a regular basis, containing methods can be very beneficial. By taking this approach, you’ll still have trenches around your landscape, but these flaws will only be in spots that you pick for the dog. The best way to create zones for a dog is by pouring a thick layer of soil in specific spots on the property. Then, put various toys in these locations so that your dog will know these areas are ideal for digging.