Flagstone is arguably one of the most popular materials used for patio landscaping, and for good reason. Flagstone offers homeowners plenty of benefits that might make incorporating it into landscaping designs worthwhile.

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The Benefits of Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is simply flat slabs of stone that are used for paving. Although they’re usually square or rectangular, they come in many shapes and styles. Whether you prefer gold quartzite, pink oak, silver amber quartzite, buckskin or oak flagstone in Las Vegas, there are many benefits that make this particular type of stone ideal for your landscape.


Perhaps one of the most advantageous aspects of flagstone is that it is extremely durable. For a patio area that is going to be outside and susceptible to the elements, you want a material that will be able to withstand the wear and tear that it is subjected to. Flagstone holds up well under the heavy traffic that it will receive and it will last for years to come. It is also extremely easy to maintain, requiring only a cleaning every now and then, and this can be accomplished with a water hose.


Flagstone has a natural, organic look and comes in many earthy colors. It also allows moss, grass or a ground cover to grow between the stones. They can be lain in random patterns for an interesting, customized look or straight patterns for a more strict, polished look. Because flagstone is made of natural materials, it won’t chip or crack as much as man-made materials. Additionally, because flagstone has such natural, organic colors, it can complement virtually any other type of materials that you choose to incorporate into your landscaping design, from gardens to fountains to ponds.

Adds Value

Flagstone also increases the value of your home. Because flagstone increases your outdoor living space, the value of your home can skyrocket once you implement flagstone into your landscaping design. An attractive outdoor space to entertain in allows homeowners and their guests to be able to spend more time outside, which is always a major selling point when it comes to listing your home. Flagstone will also retain its beauty over time since it won’t fade, and it helps catch the eye of potential homebuyers since the exterior of the home is always what they see first.