Stones and rocks have become outdoor staples in landscaping, and they come in various forms. Pavers offers homeowners and business owners many benefits when it comes to landscaping and pavement.

The Benefits of Pavers in Landscaping

Pavers are among the most popular choice for external pavement needs, and for good reason. They are made from a combination of naturally occurring materials such as limestone, cobblestone, granite and slate as well as from manufactured materials like brick and concrete. There are multiple reasons to utilize pavers in Las Vegas in pavement projects.

Versatility and Design

Pavers are extremely versatile in that they come in various types. Whether you desire interlocking pavers, rectangular, round, oblong or any other type, you can find pavers that are versatile in material, function and design to meet any of your project’s needs. When it comes to design, the sky is the limit when you use pavers because they can be arranged to create virtually any look or patterns that you desire.

Durability and Strength

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why many people choose to use pavers over concrete and other types of material is because of the durability and strength that they offer. Pavers don’t crack like concrete slabs do, and they are reportedly three times stronger than concrete slabs as well. Unlike poured concrete, pavers move in unison with the earth below them, which makes cracking and other damage much less frequent than with its poured counterparts. Additionally, pavers tend to stand up very well against harsh elements and can hold massive amounts of weight, especially pavers that interlock to create more strength.

Low Maintenance

Another reason people prefer pavers above other materials is because they require very little maintenance. Pavers simply require regular sweeping, occasional rinsing and periodic coating or sealing to keep them maintained. Because of the strong materials that they are made from, pavers tend to be strong and durable for years to come. They are relatively easy to replace if they do become damaged, too, especially if they are the interlocking kind. On top of that, they are excellent at hiding stains when you choose to go with multi-colored models.


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