rocks stacked

Rocks resting in the ocean


Rock balancing is the act of creatively stacking rocks into a pile or tower. While there are no rules involved in this meditative practice, rock balancing artists discourage the use of wires, glue or any other adhesive material, because rock balancing by definition is a process meant to support the “leave no trace behind” conservation effort and promote patience and concentration.


Immigrant artist Bill Dan, has been credited with drawing attention to this new performance art in both the US and and abroad.  

Watching the sunset

Photo by Saffron Blaze
stacked rocks

Balanced rocks

Photo by LyeanArt.
stacked rocks on shoreline

Looking towards the ocean

Photo by Tijololo Photo.
beautiful pile of stacked rocks next to the ocean

A family of balancing rocks

Photo by: John Lees.
Main Photo Image by: Tjololo Photo.

 Have you ever tried rock balancing? What do you think? Is it an impressive art form or just “meh”?