Benefits and characteristics of flagstone use in landscaping.

Reasons to Choose Flagstone for Your Desert Landscaping

When your home calls for a landscaping upgrade, consider the beautiful variations of flagstone for your next patio, sidewalk or stairways. The natural beauty of this rock blends effortlessly with the arid desert backdrop.

Build in Character and Class with Flagstone Properties

Each flagstone is natural, and the variations in shades and shape can bring interest to the landscaping project. Using flagstones in Las Vegas or desert areas brings a welcoming effect by blending the natural hues of the rock with the arid backdrop. The color of the stones depends on the region they were extracted from, so check your local shop for options.

Landscaping patterns are endless with this stone. They can be cut into standard squares and rectangles for perfect patterns or used naturally for a “crazy quilt” effect.

Flagstones chosen for high traffic areas should be at least 1 inch thick to withstand wear and tear. The stone is textured, as well, which makes it the perfect nonslip surface for walkways and patio seating.

Flexible Benefits

Flagstone can be set into concrete for a permanent, maintenance-free project. They can also be set individually to allow space for plants to grow. If a stone becomes damaged, it can be fixed easily.

The porous nature of the rock helps to whisk away water. This effect is increased if the rocks are laid individually and spaced with mulch or a ground cover plant. Choosing flagstone can save you money in the end over other types of landscaping rock due to its durability and low maintenance.

Endless Options

Do not stop with the patio or walkway! Incorporate the natural flagstone benefits into a barbecue station, fire pit, wishing well, stone seating areas, flagpole surround or a retaining wall. The possibilities are endless with patterns, colors and shapes of this gorgeous material!