Pavers Make the Backyard Accessible For Seniors

As people get older, maintaining balance can become more difficult. Many serious injuries for senior citizens are caused by falls, often in places that seem fairly safe. Seniors can easily trip on uneven surfaces. A sidewalk crack that causes a younger person to stumble can be a real hazard for older generations.

Outdoor Hazards

The natural irregularities of many yards can turn them into a dangerous area. If an elder is afraid of falling, he or she might avoid going outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. This might also keep them away from outdoor activities such as gardening. Building level pathways can help, but cement paths can crack and become uneven over time.

How Pavers Can Help

Pavers can create an attractive brick pathway that is safe for seniors. Well-installed pavers can be used to create a smooth patio surface or path. The space between pavers is minimal, so it will not create a tripping hazard. In addition to being safer for seniors walking unassisted, pavers also make the backyard accessible for someone using a cane, walker or wheelchair.

It is still important to pay attention to pavers as they can settle over time and may need adjustment to maintain a smooth surface. However, this leveling is much easier to do by moving a few bricks than leveling a large piece of concrete.

Enjoying the Outdoors

Getting outside is very important in maintaining a senior’s quality of life. If you buy pavers in Las Vegas, they can be out to enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the area. In addition, they will appreciate time spent outdoors observing wildlife, watching grandchildren play or enjoying a family cookout. Using pavers can give your loved one a smooth path to outdoor enjoyment.