Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

Putting paving stones on a driveway or outdoor patio can make your home’s exterior look colorful and organized. At night, they can help you find your way from the driveway to the front door or from the pool to the back porch. However, as with anything else that you install outside of your home, paving stones need to be maintained. Part of good paver stone maintenance is having them sealed after being put down.

Sealing Prevents Weed Growth

Over time, weeds can start to grow in the cracks between each individual stone. These cracks can form as the result of shifting or settling that occurs when the sand hardens after installation. They can also form because of exposure to extreme temperatures or excess moisture. While you could opt to use a spray or other method to get rid of weeds, it is likely to be a temporary solution. Adding a seal means that they won’t come back for years to come.

Sealing Maintains Stones’ Color

Exposure to sun, wind or dirt can turn a paving stone from a beautiful accessory to just another dull rock in the ground. With a proper seal, you won’t have to worry about your paving stones losing their luster, which means that your yard will be among the nicest in the neighborhood.

Allow a Professional to Install Them

While it is possible to buy pavers in Las Vegas and install them yourself, it can be easier to let a professional do so instead. In addition to the time and stress that you avoid by delegating the task, the end result will likely be better too. If you improperly seal a paver, any stains or blemishes on the stone can actually be easier to see after the job is complete.