Why Good Drainage Matters When Buying Artificial Turf

When it rains, the ground is able to absorb some of the water. If the ground becomes too saturated, the moisture will simply pond or pool on the surface unless it is has a path to lower ground. This is true whether your yard has natural grass or artificial grass, and failing to create a proper drainage system could result in a variety of problems for the grass and your yard as a whole.

Standing Water Can Lead to Bacteria Growth

The first issue that could occur with stagnant water is the growth of bacteria or other mold. If you breath in mold or similar spores, it could result in asthma or other breathing problems. You may also notice a strong pungent odor associated with these spores as well. As they can easily travel through the wind, it isn’t out of the question that these spores could be transported to exterior siding or even into your home itself.

Water Can Interfere With Proper Maintenance

It can be hard to sweep debris out of your grass when it is full of water. It can also be hard to get rid of dust or pollen if the water is forcing it to clump to each blade of grass. As with real grass, you may also find that it is difficult to get your artificial alternative to stand up properly when wet. This is because the weight of the water will cause it to remain flat.

Check for Proper Drainage Before Buying Turf

When it comes time to buy turf in Las Vegas, be sure that you check its drainage capabilities. This may include checking the holes in the back of each piece that will eventually be placed in your yard. If anything seems deficient or defective, it may be best to look at other products.