How Artificial Turf Interacts With the Natural Environment

In most cases, natural grass will get wet when the temperature cools at night. Grass may also lose or change its color when it gets extremely dry outside. For the most part, artificial grass will not create dew, and it will not change color if it is not watered. There are other ways in which artificial turf will not act like natural grass, and you need to be aware of these variables before you install it.

Water Is Generally Allowed to Drain Away From Fake Grass

When rain falls, any natural grass on the ground will absorb it to a certain point. Furthermore, it will generally only drain away from your home if your yard slopes away from the home itself. Otherwise, the water will form puddles if the grass is too wet. If artificial turf is installed in your yard, it can be designed with small holes that allow for greater runoff to take place. This avoids creating ponds in a backyard, and it can also prevent bacteria growth.

Artificial Grass May Be Impervious to Fading

One of the benefits of having artificial grass in Las Vegas is that it can come with a layer designed to protect it against the sun’s rays. What this means is that it won’t fade when it is exposed to several hours or days of sunny weather. Since it also won’t get brown or yellow when it doesn’t get enough water, you can expect to look at a nice green lawn each time you look outside.

Artificial Grass May Not Rebound Right Away

Generally speaking, natural grass will rebound after it has been stepped on. However, fake grass or turf may stay matted down in higher traffic areas. The good news is that all you need to do is rake any matted spots to get the blades to stand up again.