The Origin and Uses of Barkstone

Many people like to use a colored mulch as filler in a garden space. Yet, in drier climates, wood mulches will break down quickly and lose color as they sit in the sunlight. An excellent and lasting solution is the mix of rock known as barkstone. The stones are both colorful and durable, giving a long-term solution for your landscaping needs. If you are looking for landscape rocks in the Las Vegas area, take a look at a barkstone mix.

What Is Barkstone and Where Does It Come From?

Over the course of millions of years, layers of sediment left by ancient oceans form the rock commonly known as sandstone. Sandstone is mostly made of quartz, but other minerals can add vibrant colors such as those seen in the formations around the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, the heat and pressure of geologic forces will convert sandstone into the much more durable quartzite. While most quartzite is greyish-brown, the presence of other minerals can add reds, blues ,and golds to the mix.

How Is Barkstone Used in Landscaping?

Barkstone can be used as a substitute anywhere you might use a wood or bark mulch. The stone has the color and texture of tree bark, but the durability of rock. A great advantage for the landscaper is that it will not lose its color over time. In addition, a stone mulch will not be broken down or washed away by rain. Because water can drain through the mix, it is a great option for plants in the dry climate of the southwest. This stone mix is also used for accenting light-colored stepping stones or pavers on a walkway. For a traditional look with added durability, barkstone is an ideal choice.