Types of Turf to Use in Las Vegas Landscaping

Las Vegas is a hot, dry climate, which means it is not easy to find grass or types of turf that will grow, much less thrive. That said, there are a few hardy, warm-season grasses that can handle the heat and drought conditions of a desert state like Nevada.

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is best to plant late in the spring or early in the summer months. It can get somewhat cold in the winter months around Las Vegas, so you may want to plant perennial rye grass in the fall to maintain grass coverage.

Zoysia grass

This grass is heat-tolerant and requires less water than other grasses. Zoysia grass will also grow in the shade. It creates a thick mat of grass that discourages weeds. Like Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass is best planted in late spring or early summer. You can plant it in the fall also, but take care that you plant at least 60 days before the first frost.

Ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass and fescue

These types of grasses are also planted in the Las Vegas area to supplement the hardier strains like Zoysia grass and Bermuda grass. These are considered cool-season grasses and can be overplanted in the fall to supplement warm-weather strains. Because these strains are not meant for desert conditions, they often require extra water and food to thrive.

The One Turf Guaranteed to Thrive in Any Conditions

No conversation about turf in the desert is complete without mentioning the ultimate drought-and-heat-tolerant grass – artificial turf. It is worth noting that artificial grass in Las Vegas may sometimes be your only option, as many new homes are prohibited from planting grass.

In that case, the only options available are either natural landscaping using native desert plants, or artificial grass or turf. Artificial grass can offer the best of both worlds to homeowners in Las Vegas, you can have the look and feel of natural grass without all the hassle and expense of watering, feeding, and maintaining a natural lawn.