Considerations for Choosing the Best Artificial Grass

There are many different types of artificial grass to choose from. While many of them look quite similar, some are better for foot traffic, others resist weathering more and some have a springier texture for more comfortable walking. This will show you some factors to consider when choosing turf.

Artificial Grass Traffic and Durability

The first thing you’ll want to consider with artificial grass is durability and traffic. Grass turf that will see lots of traffic will need to be very durable, but fake grass that will rarely be walked on doesn’t need to be too durable. This is important because durability is one of the costlier expenses when it comes to buying turf. You don’t want to spend more than you have to when adding turf to your yard.

You will also want more durable turf if you’re placing driveway paving stones in Las Vegas on the turf.

Pile Height

The next consideration you want to make is pile height. This refers to how long each blade of grass is. Many people choose very tall pile heights because they think it will make the lawn look lusher. It will initially look lusher, but eventually the blades will start to droop downward from gravity. This can leave your lawn looking flat.

It’s best to choose a medium pile height so that it doesn’t droop too much after a year or two.


Color is very important because some turf looks very artificial while others look real. Affordable turf is often made in a single shade of green. The price is good, but it won’t look convincing. You may want to invest in a more natural coloring, especially if you intend on filling your yard with turf. Aside from more natural shades, you can also choose between green, green-blue and blue shades of turf for your yard.