Pests such as ants, spiders, scorpions and rodents might try to dig a tunnel or burrow under your decorative rocks, disturbing the layout of your landscaping. You can take preventive actions in order to keep the pests from doing this.

How to Keep Pests from Digging in Your Decorative Rocks

Even if you have trained your dog not to dig in your decorative rock in Las Vegas, you could still have an issue with rabbits, scorpions, ants or other critters digging through there and disturbing your landscaping. When the animals dig, the rocks can shift out of place. These tips can be employed when the rocks are installed and anytime after in order to prevent pests from moving the rocks around.

Using Chicken Wire

Before the rocks are placed, have the landscapers dig a trench and line it with chicken wire. This material prevents raccoons, rabbits, ground hogs, gophers and other creatures from tunneling through the area where your rocks are located. The wire must extend at least 12 inches from the surface in order to be an effective deterrent.

Spraying Scent Deterrents

Insects, mammals and other pests all respond to scent deterrents. If you can figure out which pests are infiltrating your property, you could use the appropriate scent deterrent to naturally repel them so they do not disturb your landscaping. For example, tea tree oil is believed to repel ants, while fox urine is used to repel rabbits and other small mammals. Be sure to have your landscapers do the application of essential oils, because some materials could harm your landscaping materials or grass.

Cleaning the Rocks

Cleaning the rocks is another simple solution for repelling pests. The pests might be coming to the rocks to collect seeds or eat moss or algae growing on the rocks. By washing the rocks, you can eliminate the food source of the ants or other insects. Ask the landscapers how to go about washing, or have them come and do it for you. Ask that a biodegradable soap be used. This type of soap will not harm the growing grass.