Select the Right Pavers for Your Landscaping in Las Vegas

Paving stones or pavers are an attractive and durable addition to any landscaping. There are three main types of pavers Las Vegas has to offer.

Natural Stone Pavers

The two most commonly available natural stone pavers are field stone and flagstone. They are very elegant and add class to your front or backyard. Natural stone is more costly than other types of pavers, so they are often only used on borders. Limestone may be a bit brittle and crack if it is in a place with heavy traffic.

Bricks may be made of clay and fired like pottery, or they may be made from concrete and aggregate that is dyed to look like brick. They are very strong and resist stains. Bricks and can be treated with a sealant to protect against fading.

Concrete and Stamped Concrete

Concrete patio pavers are very popular for Las Vegas landscaping because they look good and are very durable. They came in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available in several natural-looking colors. Some are dyed to look like brick and some look like natural rock. Stamped concrete is a great choice if you would like the look of natural stone but need to keep your landscaping costs down.

Pavers have joints between each stone. This eliminates the cracks that often develop in conventional concrete pavement. Interlocking pavers make a neat row and can be stacked to make a low wall or border for a flower bed.

Plan Ahead

Before you choose your pavers, measure the area to make sure you have it covered. Walkways should be at least three feet wide and driveways need to have enough space on either side of the car for the driver and passengers to open the door and get out while still on the pavers. Your driveway will increase your home’s curb appeal because the new sealed pavers are easy to keep clean.