Here are three uniquely beautiful ways to bring all the elements of the outdoors into some unlikely indoor spaces by using decorative rock and stylish pavers.


Getting creative while designing the perfect greenhouse by adding extraordinary pavers such as Newberry, Cobblestone, or Venetian Tumbled Santa Barbara to accent its interior will transform any hot house into a menagerie of wonderful contrasts and elegant nuances sure to showcase blooms in their very best light.

Source: via bluetiful living (Paula Bell) on Pinterest

Indoor Patios

Turning an indoor patio into a lovely oasis for relaxation and entertainment can be done simply by integrating the right kind of pavers into a space to bring the splendor of an outside environment inside. With choices such as Arezzo Retaining Wall or blocks of Villa Stone Tan Brown, the possibilities are endless.

Indoor Patios
Source: via Ecumenist Thereader on Pinterest

Indoor Pools

Choosing the right kind of pavers is never more important than when landscaping an indoor pool. Coordinating color, style, and design can make a crucial difference by elevating a simple recreational area into a luxuriously elegant sanctuary to be enjoyed and admired by all who enter.

Indoor Pool, Candles, Curtains
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Decorative rock and pavers are the perfect solution for incorporating all of the spaciousness and grandeur of surrounding environments into the indoors in a spectacularly stylish way.

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