Protect Your Lawn During Drought Season

When drought season hits Las Vegas, local homeowners watch in shock and horror as their lawns go from lush and green to brown and dying. The lack of water falling from the sky causes the grass to slowly die and can make it difficult for your lawn to bounce back when the rain returns. Though you might feel tempted to throw up your hands and let nature takes its course, there are ways you can prevent your lawn from dying.

Use Sprinklers

A new sprinkler system can significantly reduce the damage that the drought has on your home. Modern systems come with timer features that let you set up when the system will water your lawn and how long it will provide the lawn with water. You can even change the placement of the heads on your lawn to target the areas that need the most help.

Opt for Turf

One option for those who hate the way their lawns look is artificial turf. You can use real or artificial turf in Las Vegas to compensate for any dead spots or to completely replace your old lawn. You can select the right color for your home as well as the lushness of the turf. Landscapers can put down the turf in the middle of the drought or before or after the season starts.

Maintain Your Lawn

Professional landscapers can also help you maintain your lawn and keep it protected during drought season. They might use grass seed that will grow lush and green towards the end of the season or plant food that provides your lawn with all the nutrients it needs. Landscapers will also mow the lawn to keep the grass from looking shaggy or unkempt. With a sprinkler system and help from landscapers, you can keep your lawn protected throughout the long drought season.