How to Landscape Around an Above-Ground Pool

For those who have an above-ground pool in their backyard, it can be easy for the feature to distract from other natural elements on the property due to its large size. Although above ground pools can overpower a space, there are still ways to create beautiful landscaping that has a high level of appeal. Here are a few tips to follow with your yard’s landscaping.

Create a Border

Creating a border around the base of an above ground pool can allow it to blend in with the surroundings and also prevent any water from spills over onto the grass. Create a border with decorative landscape rocks in Las Vegas, which will be easy to maintain and will stay in place each season. A few shrubs can also be added to the rocks to enhance the appeal of the pool and prevent it from looking too industrial or bland.

Add Trees

Adding trees to your backyard will fill in bare spots and can balance out the appearance of the pool due to their size. Plant trees that are higher than the height of the pool for added dimension and to prevent the pool from appearing too big in the yard. Plant the trees several feet from the pool to prevent the roots from getting too close underneath the liner over time. Planting the trees several feet away will also ensure that any leaves that drop doesn’t end up in the water and creates a mess.

Install an Additional Water Feature

Consider adding an additional water feature to the space to create an outdoor oasis with the noise of flowing water present on the property. A water fountain or a pond will look decorative and will add extra detail to the exterior setting to ensure the pool isn’t the main focal point. Adding a few koi fish to the pond will also create the look of an upscale environment that is inviting and relaxing to spend time in throughout the year.